Automobile & RV Cleaning

Could your RV use some professional detailing services? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning the grime, road tar, and bugs? Don’t worry; the services offered by Steady Clean Services will come in handy for you. We provide customers with quality RV cleaning and detailing services throughout Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Our services extend the lifespan of your vehicle and enhance its functionality too.

Are there more benefits of keeping your RV clean? Yes. Below are some of them.

Prolongs The Longevity of Your RV

Having your RV cleaned and detailed allows you to spot dents and stains easily. It allows you to get repairs on the affected areas before the problem becomes more extensive.

Creates A Healthier Environment for You

Keeping the interior of your RV clean provides you with a safe environment. Traveling through dirty roads exposes your RV to germs. Detailing helps you eliminate germs efficiently.


Professional RV Service Providers Offer You Specially Designed Services.

A professional RV detailer has the necessary skills to deliver exquisite results. A regular carwash may not match the skills of a professional detailer. Your RV, thus, needs the comprehensive services of detailing experts.

They are very convenient when it comes to scheduling a detailing appointment. With professional RV detailers, you can set up your RV’s detailing service before time. Your RV detailer also sends you reminders of your next cleaning session.

They Are Convenient.

Professional RV detailing services saves you time. Detailers with the right expertise take very little time to get the job perfectly done. RV detailing services are mobile. The services are provided at the comfort of your own home or an RV park.

The Services Are Cost-Effective.

If you are using a rented RV, you must by now be aware that maintenance expenses are on you. Getting an RV detailing service will help you avoid these unnecessary costs.


Our comprehensive exterior RV cleaning services start with a wash. We then give your tires, wheels, and wheel wells a thorough cleaning.

In our second step, we focus on removing grime, bugs, and tar from your RV. We spray a clay bar lubricant on your RV. Next, we apply a clay bar on your RV and glide it up and down. The clay is given enough time to absorb any contaminants before its removal.

This step is vital for your RV’s exterior. A quick wash and dry on your RV doesn’t permanently remove surface contamination. When not removed, contaminants may damage the paint finishes of your RV. Using a clay bar smoothens the exterior surface of your RV and keeps it clean and pollutant-free. Clean surfaces will be essential when you need your RV polished or layers of protection added to it.

Here are some other exterior RV cleaning packages offered by Steady Clean Services.

  • Chrome and aluminium polishing.

  • tile dressing

  • Exterior compartment cleaning

  • Wheel dressing

  • Roof cleaning

  • Bumpers polishing

  • Exterior hand waxing


Steady Clean Services provides the perfect RV cleaning services throughout Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We offer mobile services which don’t interfere with your tight schedule. Our RV detailers have the right expertise and use the right equipment for this job. Also, the procedures followed by our team provide you with exceptional results. So do contact us, and let’s help you restore the artistry of your RV.