Professional Hattiesburg MS Carpet Cleaning


A clean carpet means a healthier environment for you and members of your household. Accumulation of dust on carpets can affect individuals with breathing-related conditions such as asthma. If you are around Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and haven’t cleaned your carpet in a while, consider hiring Steady Clean Services. We offer the most dependable carpet cleaning services at affordable prices.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet

  • Eliminates Pollutants
    Dirty carpets are habitats for pollutants such as particle pollutants, dirt, and dust. Toxic airborne gases are also pollutants released by a dirty carpet. These pollutants contaminate the air inside your room. Professional carpet cleaners use high-powered vacuum cleaners to remove these pollutants.
  • Eliminates Dust-Mite Infestation
    Dust mites are microscopic creatures. Your bare eyes cannot detect their presence. Their faeces and body fragments are allergens; thus, when inhaled caused allergies. Steam cleaning exposes your carpet to high temperatures that dust mitten cannot survive.
  • Prevents Growth of Mold
    In humid areas or during precipitous weather, dirty carpets can develop moulds. The drying tools used by carpet cleaners help eradicate any moisture on your carpet.

Top 4 Carpet Cleaning Techniques, Their Advantages and Disadvantages

We categorize carpet cleaning methods into two; wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning involves the use of water, while dry cleaning uses chemical powders and foam. Don’t worry if you are uncertain which method will suit you best. Let factors such as cost, the dirt amount on your carpet, weather, and your carpet’s fibre determine that.

Let’s have a deeper look at each of these methods, their advantages, and disadvantages. The insights below will help you choose which style fits your need.


In this method, the carpet will get conditioned with a chemical reagent. The reagent liquefies soil and oil-based materials trapped in the carpet fibres. Water gets boiled, pressurized, and infused into the carpet under high pressure. The solution vacuumed out of the carpet after around 15 minutes.


  • This method of cleaning removes dirt from deep down in the carpet.

  • High temperatures exterminate any bacteria or dust mite on your carpet.

  • The chemical reagents used help cut any odor from your carpet.


  • This method requires longer drying times.

  • It is expensive as compared to other available cleaning methods.


If you are looking for a conventional carpet cleaning method, bonne cleaning will suit you best. This cleaning method starts with vacuuming the carpet. A hand pump or an electric sprayer will get used to sprinkle a chemical solution on the carpet. The chemical solution is a mixture of cleaning detergents mixed with carbonated water.

The solution stays in for some time, then an absorbent pad, also known as a bonnet, is placed on a rotary floor machine. The machine works the bonnet through the soiled areas on the carpet.


  • It is a fast and straightforward carpet cleaning method.

  • It is an effective cleaning method for lightly stained carpets.


  • Bonnet cleaning is a light maintenance routine that only partially cleans the carpet.

  • This method is incapable of removing dirt trapped deep down the carpet.


With this method, an absorbent compound gets sprinkled over the carpet then scrubbed using a mechanical brush. The compound sits in for 10 to 15 minutes and before getting vacuumed out.


  • It takes a shorter time to dry, about 20 minutes.


  • It can cause dust build-up in your home.

  • This method cannot remove dirt trapped deep down the carpet.


In this method, shampoo gets poured on the carpet and scrubbed using a circular brush. This method is suitable for cleaning low-pile carpets.


  • The method is inexpensive.

  • The amount of moisture involved with this method is low and dries up faster.


  • With this method, soil extraction deep down the curtain may not be possible.

Steady Clean Services uses the above methods to clean carpets. We understand the needs of our customers vary. Some prefer their carpets cleaned using natural, non-toxic products. In such a case, we welcome our customers to communicate with us. We can recommend the appropriate natural product for cleaning their carpet.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

  • A professional carpet cleaner can recommend a cleaning method by determining a carpet’s material.

  • Hiring a carpet cleaner saves you the trouble of buying expensive cleaning machines.

  • Professional carpet cleaners have the right equipment for their job. For instance, their low moisture equipment dries out all the moisture—thus eliminating the possibility of molds developing on your carpet.

Essential Procedures to Carry Out Before Carpet Cleaning

  • After hiring a professional, there are some things you can do before the carpet cleaning. These steps will not only give the cleaner a simple time but will also leave you with a cleaned carpet

  • You can start by moving your furniture from the room where cleaning will take place. It helps ensure that your carpet gets cleaned from wall to wall.

  • Remove any valuable or fragile items from the cleaning area. You don’t want your items to break during the cleaning.

  • Remove items such as toys, pieces of clothes, and shoes from the carpet. They might interfere with the carpet cleaning machine.

  • You can choose to vacuum your carpet before it gets cleaned. It helps remove any debris on the surface of the carpet. Thus allow your carpet cleaner to focus on the dirt soiled deep down the carpet.

  • It is crucial to clean and dust your baseboards. Removing dirt on the baseboards prevents your carpet from getting dirty right after cleaning

Steady Clean Services provide customers with the best carpet cleaning services throughout Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Our company’s primary goal is to protect and preserve your health and that of members of your household. Our carpet cleaning methods include hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and carpet shampooing.

We use high-powered cleaning machines to ensure the proper cleaning of your carpet. We invest in non-toxic products. These products provide a clean and healthy environment during and after the cleaning process.